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The Link Between Sleep and Oral Health

     Struggling with snoring and sleeplessness? We can help! Snoring and sleep disturbances are often signs of obstructive sleep apnea, and your oral health could be to blame.         “Patients may not realize that dentists can often diagnose sleep disorders early to prevent more serious problems later.” says Dr. Jackson, DDS.  The National Sleep Foundation estimates that... read more »

Team Member: Alla

Alla has been working in dental hygiene since 1984. She’s passionate about teaching, health and wellness and adventure. You’re likely to find her working out, zip-lining or kayaking when not in the office. Visiting family in Europe, her travels recently took her to the Rontgen Museum, which is all about X-Rays. Speaking of Europe, Alla has done extensive genealogy research... read more »

Are Electric Toothbrushes REALLY Better Than Manual Toothbrushes?

Many patients don’t realize just how important it is to use the right toothbrush. They rely on the sample received after a 6-month dental visit or pick up a cheap option at the local grocery store thinking that all toothbrushes are basically the same. This is simply not the truth. While using a manual brush is better than nothing, many... read more »

Factors Affecting Root Canal Longevity

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is carried out on a damaged tooth to save it from further damage and microbial invasion. It helps to increase the life of the tooth. Here are several factors that contribute to the longevity of teeth which are treated by root canal.  1. Early Treatment Helps. Teeth that are operated in early stages with... read more »

CariVu: New Technology to See Your Teeth Clearly

New technologies are always fascinating. When I explore a new technology, I ask myself, “Can this technology do something I can’t do now? Can it help me improve a process that I already do?” The DEXIS CariVu is just this type of device. With its near-infrared transillumination technology, I find cracks and types of caries that I could not see... read more »

Emergency Dental Care

It’s summer and with increased outdoor activities, accidents are bound to happen. We’ve outlined what to do (or not to do) when you’re faced with a tooth injury. Broken or knocked out tooth Consider: A permanent (adult) tooth can sometimes be put back in place (re-implanted). In most cases, only permanent teeth are re-implanted into the mouth. Baby teeth are... read more »

Do Sport and Energy Drinks Damage Teeth?

Recent studies have identified a correlation between drinking sport or energy drinks and dental damage including an increase in cavities. Sports drinks During or after a game or workout, many children and adults reach for a sport drink to replenish their lost fluids. Unfortunately, the rising rate of dental problems in athletes (from pre-school to adults) supports the findings in... read more »