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Team Member: Alla

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Alla has been working in dental hygiene since 1984. She’s passionate about teaching, health and wellness and adventure. You’re likely to find her working out, zip-lining or kayaking when not in the office. Visiting family in Europe, her travels recently took her to the Rontgen Museum, which is all about X-Rays. Speaking of Europe, Alla has done extensive genealogy research on her family history and discovered family in Russia, Australia and Poland. 


The top 10 things Alla would like you to know about her so her:

1. Passionate about patient education

2. Will always do my best for my patients

3. Always willing to work with patients to get them healthy

4. Daily exercise is a must

5. Good nutrition is fundamental

6. Power of prayer is important

7. Belief in myself

8. I am where I am for a reason

9. I believe every cloud has a silver lining

10. Love to have fun!