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CariVu: New Technology to See Your Teeth Clearly

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New technologies are always fascinating. When I explore a new technology, I ask myself, “Can this technology do something I can’t do now? Can it help me improve a process that I already do?” The DEXIS CariVu is just this type of device. With its near-infrared transillumination technology, I find cracks and types of caries that I could not see on X-ray. In conjunction with other technologies, such as digital X-ray and magnification, this detection device is a new and powerful tool for me. 

This technology gives you as the patient a visual aid so you can truly understand what is happening to your teeth. Since we use digital X-rays, you can see your X-rays enlarged in our office during your visit. 

CariVu is highly accurate and has helped me to be more proactive and patients find the images easier to understand than an X-ray: the enamel appears transparent, and the porous lesions appear dark. 

One patient asked me for a second opinion, saying that another doctor told her that she had five cavities. I checked with CariVu and told her, “Actually it’s seven.” She saw the lesions for herself on these images. She said, “Wow, I do have seven. Let’s fix them.” 

Also, the fact that CariVu does not emit ionizing radiation is important to me and some patients who are either reluctant to have X-rays or who are not due for X-rays yet but have a dental issue. I am not ready to give up my digital X-rays because they serve many clinical purposes, but CariVu offers even more information.