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Removing Aerosols and Infection Control

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Removing aerosols from the mouth and surrounding areas for infection control.

In our current Covid-19 aware world, we have become even more focused on identifying areas to improve and finding solutions to keep everyone safe. Concerns about infection control and aerosolization has come into the public mind to ensure that dental offices adhere to optimal dental safety and sanitary practices. In our practice, we use a product called ReLeaf. 

While saliva is a necessary fluid, essential for digestion and maintaining a healthy oral environment, managing it in the practice of dentistry has become an utmost concern recently. 

The ReLeaf product we use uses materials that are latex- and BPA-free. The intraoral parts of the product are soft, and patients comment on the comfortable “feel” of the leaf. Patients also appreciate the lack of excess fluid buildup that can sometimes cause them to choke or gag unexpectedly. Plus, the green “leafs” are also disposable.

This is a product that puts both the patient and our office at ease. Plus they’re kind of cute, who doesnt like the look of that green leaf in a mouth instead of a boring tube for suctioning saliva?!


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