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Quality Dental Care can be Costly but We Have a Way to Help Make it Affordable

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During these uncertain times, when people are facing financial challenges, putting dental needs aside might seem like the only option. We understand and want to see that you receive the care that you need. For people without dental insurance, we have recently partnered with a company that offers dental savings plans. 

This is not dental insurance but rather, a savings plan to help make quality dental care affordable. functions more like a membership at a warehouse club. You pay an annual fee and receive discounted rates. We are providers for Cigna and Delta Dental.

Patients who sign up for this plan will be entitled to a reduced fee. Your final bill will look similar to a rate you would pay if you were insured. For example, a crown (not including core build up, X-Rays etc) costs approximately $1300 while an insured patient would only have to pay approximately $725. A person using would pay the same as the patient who has insurance: $725.